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Australian Master TreeGrower


In 1996 we were the participants of the first Australian Master TreeGrower course run in Australia. Since then, a further 100 Australian Master TreeGrower programs have been conducted involving over 2,000 particpants.

The course covers a wide range of topics that reflect the interests and aspirations of the local landholders: including establishment and management of trees on farms for shelter, aesthetics, biodiversity, soil erosion control, and the production of bush foods, shiitake mushrroms, firewood, high quality timber and other commercial agroforestry products.

The 8-session feiel

-based course runs over two months so that landholders can fit it in with work, family and farm commitments. All participants receive notes, a tree measurement tape, and the MTG hat, gate sign, certificate and badge.

To register your interest for a course through OAN please contact Claire Dennis

Not in this area? Then contact the National Master TreeGower progam


Pictured is the 2009 Master TreeGrower Muster held in the Otways.  MTGs from all over Australia attended including farmers, scientists and academics. . . some very healthy discussions ensued!